Consumer law

We provide legal support both to firms selling goods or services to consumers (including via the Internet),
and to consumers seeking to enforce their rights by way of complaint procedures.

The Act on consumer rights, which has been in force since December 2014,
and the important (though controversial) amendment to the Act on competition and consumer protection,
have a significant impact on the e-commerce sector, and the use of impermissible contractual clauses
or unlawful practices has taken on many new meanings.

Nam hoc natura aequum est neminem cum alterius detrimento fieri lucupletiorem.

For it is naturally right that none should become enriched with harm to another.

In relation to consumer law:

  • we analyse the terms of use of e-stores and specimen agreements with consumers in terms of the protection of consumer rights (including the possible appearance of impermissible clauses) and the guidelines of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection
  • we identify practices that violate the collective interests of consumers
  • we conduct, on behalf of individual clients, customer complaint and court procedures relating to improperly performed contracts of sale and consignment, tourist service agreements, telecommunications agreements, and real estate agency agreements.