Personal data protection

More and more people are becoming aware of the importance of privacy,
and consequently pay a great deal of attention to its protection.
For most businesses, all of which process personal data,
this entails a need for a comprehensive review
of their compliance with data protection law.

Qui iure suo utitur, neminem laedit.

Who does not exceed his own rights, does not violate the rights of others.

We support our clients in all measures related to personal data protection:

  • In the preparation of legally required documentation relating to personal data protection:

    • security policy
    • instructions on the management of computer systems
    • required authorisations and agreements
    • rules on the flow and archiving of documents, use of computer equipment, including portable devices such as laptops, tablets, telephones and smartphones, e-mail and Internet usage, and access to rooms.

  • In the appointment of an information security administrator; we also conduct training for persons appointed to that position, and provide support in the reporting of the ISA to the General Inspector of Personal Data Protection.
  • In the definition of collections of personal data and in proceedings before the General Inspector of Personal Data Protection for the registration of such collections.
  • We design models for cooperation between businesses in situations involving the entrustment of personal data processing, and draw up and evaluate agreements on the outsourcing of personal data processing.
  • We prepare appropriate declarations of consent for the processing of personal data.
  • We conduct comprehensive audits of legal compliance in firms’ personal data processing.
  • We represent clients in the course of inspections by the General Inspector of Personal Data Protection and in proceedings before the inspection authorities and administrative courts.