Contracts and debt recovery

Ius civile vigilantibus scriptum est.

Civil law is created for the vigilant.

We offer our clients comprehensive and individually profiled assistance in the fields of:

  • Contract law:

    • we draw up, evaluate and negotiate commercial agreements, contracts of sale, rent and lease, contracts for freelance work and specific works, and others
    • we draw up, evaluate and negotiate non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)
    • we provide advice and support in relation to the application of “impermissible clauses”
    • we provide advice and prepare required documents in the process of assignment of claims
    • we provide support in relation to the performance, termination and renunciation of contracts
    • we provide advice when it is necessary to pursue claims for inadequate contractual performance

  • Regulation of the relationships between partners in a partnership formed under civil law; in this area we offer:

    • preparation or verification of the partnership agreement
    • making of changes to the partnership agreement
    • legal assistance in relation to the withdrawal of a partner, including in the case of a two-person partnership
    • transformation of a partnership under civil law into a partnership or company under commercial law

  • Editing, evaluation or negotiation of all types of amicable settlements and understandings

In the field of debt recovery, we provide:

  • legal advice and opinions
  • preparation of demands and pleadings
  • conduct of mediation
  • negotiations with trading partners
  • representation of clients in cases before courts of all instances and the Supreme Court
  • representation of clients in enforcement proceedings