Online business, e-commerce

Ab inito semper nullum.

What is void from the outset is always void.

For our clients doing business online or planning expansion in that area, we offer individual legal solutions in relation to:

  • selection of optimum organisational and legal solutions and the creation of commercial and business procedures, with attention to ensuring full legality
  • editing, evaluation and correction of the terms of use of platforms, sites and e-stores
  • advice concerning direct marketing methods
  • regular legal support for the conduct of business or information activity online
  • preparation of legal opinions and audits

Our comprehensive consultation services in the field of e-commerce also include:

  • editing of specimen agreements, forms and questionnaires
  • actions taking account of the need to protect the particular rights of consumers
  • personal data protection
  • protection of intellectual property
  • protection of reputation
  • compliance with the law on electronic service provision and telecommunications law
  • acts of unfair competition