Advertising law

We provide support and advice to advertising, marketing and PR agencies,
creative firms, and organisers of motivational or sponsorship schemes.

In dubiis benigniora praeferenda sunt.

In case of doubt, the kindest solution is chosen.

We offer:

  • comprehensive legal support for advertising and promotional activity
  • evaluation of marketing materials at the design or implementation stage
  • evaluation of legal risks relating to the content of particular promotional and advertising materials or entire campaigns
  • auditing or editing of documentation for a campaign (or marketing action) to ensure the protection of copyright, image, reputation and intellectual property and compliance with the law on personal data processing
  • auditing or editing of the rules of competitions, promotional schemes, lotteries and loyalty programmes
  • preparation, evaluation and negotiation of agreements relating to advertising and promotional campaigns
  • preparation, evaluation and negotiation of sponsorship agreements
In the context of the now popular content marketing, we provide consultation on matters relating to the legality of the distribution of certain forms of content, including statutorily restricted content such as the advertising of tobacco products, alcohol, gambling, pharmaceuticals and financial services.
We draw attention to restrictions on advertising arising from the laws against unfair competition.